Rate of change

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  1. Draw a graph to describe the fare charged by a taxi with an initial cost of $10.50 plus $2.50 per km traveled.
    1. Draw a graph to describe the income of a insurance sales person who earns $800 per month plus $400 for every car sold.
      1. A long distance runner passes the 36 km mark of a race in 1 hr 40 mins, and passes the 44 km mark 1 hr 10 mins later. If the rate is constant, find the speed of the long distance runner in km/hr.
        1. Cathy hires a super band to play at a wedding. The cost for the wedding was $1000 for the band, plus $50 per guest for food and $3 per guest for beverages. Determine the cost per person if 150 guests attended the wedding, and averaged three drinks per person.