Identifying functions - Relations and Functions

Identifying functions

Bring on more grid papers! In this chapter, we're going to study functions. Functions are notations that tell us what the value of y is for every value of x. By carrying out the vertical line test, we are able to find out the relationships of ordered pairs.


Relations: Sets of ordered pairs ( x , y )

Function: For every value of x, there is a value of y. It will need to pass the vertical line test.

One-To-One Function: For every one value of x, there is only one value of y, and vice versa. It will need to pass both vertical and horizontal line test.

Vertical line Test: A vertical line that intersects the graph of the equation only once when moves from across on the x-axis.

  • Intro Lesson
  • 1.
    Are the following sets of ordered pairs functions?
  • 3.
    Using the table of values to answer the questions below:
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Identifying functions

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