Completing the square - Quadratic Functions

Completing the square


perfect squares:
  • (x+a)2=x2+2ax+a2{\left( {x + a} \right)^2} = {x^2} + 2ax + {a^2}
  • (xa)2=x22ax+a2{\left( {x - a} \right)^2} = {x^2} - 2ax + {a^2}
  • completing the square: adding a constant to a quadratic expression to make it a perfect square
      • a)
        Review: expanding a perfect square.
      • b)
        How to convert a polynomial into a perfect square
      • c)
        How to complete the square
    • 1.
      Recognizing a Polynomial that Can Be Written as a Perfect Square
      Convert the following expressions into perfect squares, if possible:
    • 2.
      Completing the Square
      Add a constant to each quadratic expression to make it a perfect square.
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    Completing the square

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