Using models to add and subtract fractions

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  1. What are fractions?
    • What is a proper fraction?
    • What is an improper fraction?
    • What is a mixed number or mixed fraction?
    • How to represent fractions on a number line?
  1. Write the addition or subtraction statement for the diagram. Write the answer in the lowest terms.
    Using models to add and subtract fractions

    1. Using models to add and subtract fractions

    2. Using models to add fractions

    3. Using models to subtract fractions

    4. Using models to perform fraction additions
  2. Use a number line to calculate. Write the answer in lowest terms.
    1. 57+17\frac{5}{7}+\frac{1}{7}
    2. 28โˆ’18\frac{2}{8}-\frac{1}{8}
  3. Each act in a play was 12\frac{1}{2} hour long. There were 3 acts. How long was the play? Include a number line with your answer.
    1. The diagram shows the layout of an aquatic centre. The pool took up 28\frac{2}{8} of the aquatic centre and the stands took up 38\frac{3}{8} of the aquatic centre. What is the difference between the amount of space taken up by the pool versus the stands?
      adding and subtracting fractions using model