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Aligned with your class and textbook, our comprehensive Year 8 Maths help covers all topics that you would expect in any typical year 8 maths classes, whether it's Key Stage 3 Maths (National Curriculum), or National curriculum in Wales (Key stage 3).

Our tutors walk you through all topics in year 8 maths like Adding fractions, Coordinates, Statistics, Circles, Solving equations, Rational numbers, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest maths questions. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of KS 3 maths practice.

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Common Questions
I'm using Essentials KS3 Maths by Lonsdale to help my son review. Is your year 8 maths help right for us?

For sure! We not only cover all topics in your textbook, but also all topics in other common year 8 maths coursebooks like Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics for Stage 8 too.

What class should I take after year 8 maths?

Before you take this course, you will first finish Year 7 Maths. Your follow up course should be Year 9 Maths.

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Fanny Lester

Really happy to have started StudyPug! More confident for my upcoming ks3 maths papers.

Vera Foster

I have supplemental textbooks to help me teach my year 8 maths class, but nothing comes close to having StudyPug as a visual aid in class. It’s wonderful to help my pupils get ready for their KS3 SATs papers.

Lindsay K.

What I love about StudyPug is its layout. It’s colorful, everything is well laid out, and my son finds it fun. That’s a huge part in motivating him to do his maths revision every night on the site. I’m less worried about his upcoming key stage 3 assessment now that he’s got StudyPug, that’s for sure.

Owen Rilry

I find my child struggling to finish off the maths questions he gets from his teacher when he gets home. He understands the basics, but can’t quite bridge the gap between the basic concept and applying it to questions. That’s what I found StudyPug to excel at. Their video instructors go through advanced questions step-by-step so that you know how the concepts come into play. My child’s latest maths test came back with an A!

Aidan Callahan

My year 7 maths worksheets are a lot harder than last years. I’m using StudyPug and it’s helping me get my homework done a lot faster!

Agatha J.

My children love using StudyPug because they can do however much of the lesson they want. They can also easily go back and replay parts of the lesson that they didn’t understand. The ability to make math bite-sized coupled with excellent practice math questions does wonders.

Scott G.

I used to be really afraid when there’s an upcoming maths test, but since I’ve started using StudyPug, I no longer am scared. I’m feel ready for my sats papers at the end of the year!

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11Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

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Carson E.

When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

Jason G.
high school senior

This website saved my butt last semester. I am using it againthis semester. Dennis is the best online tutor... I also like that I can watch videos over and over until I really understand the concept. If you want to save time, sign's only ten bucks and it saved me hours of study time. Thanks, Dennis!

Aaron M.
high school student

I get a whole library of videos that covers everything from basic to complex mathematics for a very low monthly price. Excellent videos, easy-to-understand and most of all they work. My math test results are 10 points higher than last semester.

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