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  1. 1Fractions
    1. 1.1What are fractions?
    2. 1.2Equivalent fractions
    3. 1.3Comparing and ordering fractions
    4. 1.4Fractions of a set
  2. 2Introduction to Decimals
    1. 2.1Introduction to decimals
    2. 2.2Decimals on number lines
    3. 2.3Common fractions and decimals
    4. 2.4Compare and order decimals
    5. 2.5Estimating decimals
    6. 2.6Adding decimals
    7. 2.7Subtracting decimals
  3. 3Adding and Subtracting Numbers
    1. 3.1Adding with regrouping (using base ten blocks)
    2. 3.2Adding multi-digit numbers
    3. 3.3Rounding numbers
    4. 3.4Addition strategies
    5. 3.5Subtracting with regrouping
    6. 3.6Subtracting multi-digit numbers
    7. 3.7Subtraction strategies
    8. 3.8Sums and Differences: Word problems
  4. 4Multiplying and Dividing Numbers
    1. 4.1Arrays and factors
    2. 4.2Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000
    3. 4.3Multiplication strategies
    4. 4.4Multiplying multi-digit numbers
    5. 4.5Dividing multiples of 10
    6. 4.6Dividing using place value
    7. 4.7Dividing using area models
    8. 4.8Dividing multi-digit numbers
    9. 4.9Products and quotients: Word problems
    10. 4.10Applications of the four operations
  5. 5Place Value
    1. 5.1Whole number place values up to millions
    2. 5.2Comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000
    3. 5.3What is an integer?
    4. 5.4Negative numbers and opposite numbers
    5. 5.5Comparing and ordering large multi-digit integers
  6. 6Patterns
    1. 6.1Patterns with shapes
    2. 6.2Skip counting
    3. 6.3Number patterns
    4. 6.4Showing patterns in T-tables
    5. 6.5What are variables in algebra?
    6. 6.6Basics of solving equations with variables
    7. 6.7Basics of solving patterns in T-tables
  7. 7Angles and Lines
    1. 7.1Points, lines, line segments, and rays
    2. 7.2Parallel and perpendicular line segments
  8. 82D Shapes and Planes
    1. 8.1Classifying polygons
    2. 8.2Classifying triangles
    3. 8.3Classifying quadrilaterals
    4. 8.4Basics of Symmetry
    5. 8.5Reflections and rotations of shapes
    6. 8.6Basics of coordinate plane (2D cartesian plane)
  9. 93D Shapes
    1. 9.1Classifying 3D shapes
    2. 9.2Drawing 3D shapes
    3. 9.3Introduction to volume of rectangular prisms
  10. 10Perimeter and Area
    1. 10.1Perimeter: grid squares and polygons
    2. 10.2Area: unit squares and pattern blocks
    3. 10.3Square measure
    4. 10.4Strategies for estimating area and perimeter with unit squares
  11. 11Measurement
    1. 11.1Metric units: length, volume, weight
    2. 11.2Operations with metric units
  12. 12Time
    1. 12.1Units of time
    2. 12.2Calendar dates
    3. 12.3How to read time
    4. 12.4Reading 24-hour clock time
    5. 12.5How to tell time
    6. 12.6Elapsed time
  13. 13Organizing Data
    1. 13.1Organizing data using Venn diagrams
    2. 13.2Organizing data using Carroll diagrams
    3. 13.3Pictographs
    4. 13.4Reading and drawing bar graphs
    5. 13.5Introduction to mean, median, mode, and range
    6. 13.6Frequency tables and dot plots
    7. 13.7Stem and leaf plots
  14. 14Probability
    1. 14.1Probability outcomes for coins, dice, and spinners
    2. 14.2Unequal probability outcomes
    3. 14.3Likelihood for simple events
    4. 14.4Theoretical vs. Experimental probability
    5. 14.5Probability for compound events
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