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Boost your maths marks with our complete Year 11 Maths help. Whether it's GCSE maths revision, National 5 Maths revision, Key Stage 4 Maths (National Curriculum), or National curriculum in Wales (Key stage 4), we've got you all covered!

Just like your class or textbook, our comprehensive help includes topics such as Trigonometry, Vectors, Solving simultaneous equations, Congruent triangles, Solving linear equations, Circle theorem, and more. StudyPug gives you not just lessons, but tutorials that teach you how to tackle even the hardest GCSE maths questions with step-by-step solutions – in videos. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of KS4 maths practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced year 11 maths teachers. Let's finish your homework in no time, and ACE that test.

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Common Questions
My school uses Edexcel as their exam board. Do you cover all GCSE maths lessons?

Yes. We cover all topics tested in GCSE Maths. Therefore, not only Edexcel, pupils taking the exam with all other exam boards, including AQA, OCR, and WJEC, will find all the topics here too.

I'm currently in year 11 and looking for help with my GCSE maths revision. Which course should I sign up for?

It doesn't matter. :) Your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to all maths help across all courses. You can revise all KS4 maths you learned in year 10 and year 11. To save your precious study time, you can skip, review and learn any materials anytime based on your needs.

What class should I take after year 11 maths?

You should take this course after mastering Year 10 Maths, and your follow up course should be Year 12 Maths.

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Customer Reviews
4.7 stars based on 7 reviews.
Joe Horton

Some of the resources that I’ve been using to study my GCSE maths online isn’t very useful in actually teaching me the topics. StudyPug goes deep into problems and covers a wide variety of chapters. Been very good for my year 11 maths course.

Alice Fisher

This site is so much better than my actual year 11 maths teacher. We’ve got GCSE maths at the end of this year and I was desperate for some guidance. StudyPug is working perfectly.

Doris R,

I encourage my pupils to go beyond their textbook when it comes to GCSE maths revision. I know there’s a lot of great reference sites online, but StudyPug takes the cake when it comes to providing useful practice problems and doing comprehensive lesson revisions.

Ewan Hughes

Loved hearing the validation from my son when he came back to tell me StudyPug helps him understand lessons he previously did not at all get in school. I think that’s pretty good proof that what you guys are doing works! When I talk to other parents and they ask me if I knew good ways on how to revise for maths, I point them to StudyPug.

Alisha Adams

My teacher always tells us how we have to be prepared for the GCSE maths questions so I’m always looking for GCSE maths revision sites that have good examples. StudyPug’s questions come with answers and to explain the initial concept, they even have videos to walk you through examples. It’s now my go-to place for maths!

Kenneth Law

It’s not always easy finding an online resource that properly covers the GCSE maths syllabus, but StudyPug does this so well. I use it with the pupils that I tutor.

Tina Wilcox

StudyPug has everything! From a quick higher maths formula sheet, to super in-depth questions that are explained by their videos, it got me ready for my GCSE maths. So easy to use too.

UK Year 11 Maths topics

We have plenty of free lessons for you to watch

Is Year 11 Maths hard?

If you're currently in year 11 and looking for easy practice materials ahead of your upcoming maths exams, you're not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of students just like you that benefit from our easy maths revision guides that help them tackling every aspect of year 11 maths.

The fact that you're here, shows that you understand how important a good grade can be for future college applications and eventual employment. Though it does seem like a daunting challenge, you're now one step closer to conquering year 11 maths.

You'll find that maths becomes a lot easier once you have a firm understanding of the basics, so don't be afraid to revisit old topics to make sure you truly understand them before advancing on to the more complex elements of the curriculum. Remember, you're not expected to know everything from day one, so go at your own pace and use StudyPug as a companion to your studies.

We've got content that can provide easier year 11 maths revision and information that can help with your homework too. Our online video tutorials will walk you through all the relevant topics that are bound to come up in your end of year exams, and we offer step-by-step examples across a variety of topics, including the following:

\bullet Circle Theorem
\bullet Indices
\bullet Algebraic Proof
\bullet Vectors
\bullet And more

Our year 11 maths videos will show you easy to understand solutions to even the hardest GCSE maths test questions. Furthermore, you can test your knowledge using our GCSE maths revision materials. The content we deliver, has been designed by experienced GCSE maths teachers and we have worked to ensure that we cover all the topics you'd expect to find in current maths textbooks.

We understand that within different schools and colleges, there will be different awarding bodies. With that in mind, we have constructed our content to cover the following:

\bullet Edexcel GCSE Maths
\bullet AQA GCSE Maths
\bullet OCR GCSE Maths
\bullet WJEC GCSE Maths

We also understand that every learner has their own way of learning. To that end, we have decided to take a "from the ground up" approach that starts from the basics, assumes no prior knowledge, and covers all areas of your year 11 maths syllabus. Each lesson, has been designed to seamlessly flow from one topic to the next, allowing you to build off the information you've just learned, introducing more complex topics when you're ready.

How to Revise for Year 11 Maths?

To effectively revise for your year 11 maths exams, you'll need to be taking notes in class and testing your knowledge to review your strengths and weaknesses. Use year 11 worksheets and our revision materials to help you highlight the areas that you need to work on.

Taking the time to use these tools will not only help you build more effective revision strategies. but it will also help you to retain the information. Remember, memorizing maths isn't as good as truly understanding the problems and how to solve them, so take the time to truly digest the information you're receiving.

We understand that finding time and motivation to study can be difficult. Many students struggle to stay focused in class or find it difficult and boring to work from a textbook. If that sounds like you, StudyPug may just be what you're looking for. We offer an extensive collection of fun and easy online revision aides that cover the same year 11 maths questions that can be found in those boring maths books.

Our year 11 maths tutorial platform offers you 24/7 help and as our lessons are delivered via a video format, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward the info, allowing you to skip content that's not relevant and learn at your own pace. We've found that a lot of our students prefer this video service as the content is delivered in a much more conversational way that's easier to follow.

Use our content to address any areas of weakness that you have and sit mock exams to track your progression. As you study more and sit mock tests, you should see an improvement in your performance. To get you started, we're offering a collection of free year 11 maths lessons across the following subject areas:

\bullet Understanding the Number System
\bullet Least Common Multiple (LCM)
\bullet Square and Square Roots
\bullet Operations with Radicals
\bullet Product Rule of Exponents
\bullet Solving Linear Equations Using Multiplication and Division
\bullet Expressing Linear Inequalities Graphically and Algebraically
\bullet Parallel Line Equation
\bullet And more

I Have Gone Through All the Past Papers – What Now?

Efficient year 11 maths exam prep goes beyond past papers, so if you've completed AQA past papers, SQA past papers, and so on, you should be utilizing our extensive collection of videos to cover all topics on the curriculum. Remember, the year 11 maths questions that appeared on past tests, aren't necessarily going to be the ones that appear on your upcoming exam, so make sure you have a firm understanding across all potential topics. Don't assume that because a topic wasn't featured in past years, it won't feature this year.

How to Pass Year 11 Maths?

It cannot be stressed enough, if you want to pass year 11 maths with ease, you must revise, revise, revise! This can dramatically improve your performance during your exams and can help you achieve that grade 9.

As mentioned above, sit mock exams using year 11 maths past papers. Try to adhere to the time constraints for each paper, avoid using your phone, and remove any other distractions while you sit the test. Have family or friends mark the paper on your behalf and then review your score. If you get a few questions wrong in a specific topic, revisit the whole topic and make sure you understand where you went wrong. Similar questions are bound to appear on your actual test.

Examiners will want to see evidence that you can arrive at the correct answers without simple memorization, so show your working out to earn additional marks. These marks can be the difference between a grade 8 and a grade 9.

Additionally, don't spend time on difficult problems early on. If it's too tough, skip it and come back to it later. Focusing to early on questions that you're struggling with could hold you back from getting to the questions you know how to answer. Once you've worked through the paper, you can then return to the trickier questions without that added pressure. If you finish all of the questions early, don't just sit there and relax! Go back, double check, and then triple check your answers. You may catch something you didn't notice.

Finally, to help you pass year 11 maths, use StudyPug! As your virtual Year 11 maths tutor, we have 1000s of lessons online to help you prepare for your tests. Our videos cover all aspects of GCSE maths, so regardless of whether your revising for GCSE foundation maths or require higher maths revision, we've got you covered.

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Leona Bailey
Year 11 maths student, Surrey, UK

I am a fast learner and I am able to grasp maths concepts taught in class quickly. However, my teacher always teaches slowly to accommodate my classmates, which is boring. Also, GCSE is coming up soon and I don't want to waste any more time. With Study Pug, I can learn new topics prior to class and stay ahead. Studying maths is fun and efficient here!

Carson E.

When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

Jason G.
high school senior

This website saved my butt last semester. I am using it againthis semester. Dennis is the best online tutor... I also like that I can watch videos over and over until I really understand the concept. If you want to save time, sign's only ten bucks and it saved me hours of study time. Thanks, Dennis!

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