Chord properties

Chord properties

In a circle, when a line passes through the center of the circle and is perpendicular to a chord, the line will bisect the chord. In other words, the perpendicular bisector of a chord always passes through the center of the circle.


  • 1.
    If AC is 4 cm and BD is 15 cm, what is the diameter of the circle?
    using chord properties to determine diameter

  • 2.
    Zoe wants to set up her round dining table by putting a candle in the centre of it. How can she do that by using a tangent? Explain your answer with a diagram.

  • 3.
    Below is a segment of a circle, and A is the center of the circle. The radius is 15 cm, BC is 7.5 cm, and DE is 24 cm.
    Using chord properties to find radius and other unknowns