Tangent properties

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    1. What is a chord?
    2. What is a tangent?
  1. What are the properties of a tangent?

  1. Tangent properties and angles in a circle
    1. \angleDCE
    2. \angleCBD
    3. \angleBAD
  2. In the diagram below, BC is a diameter, and AB is tangent to the circle at point B. OB = 6 cm, and AB = 8 cm.
    using tangent properties to find missing angles and lengths
    1. Find the length of the diameter.
    2. Justify if \triangleCBD is a right angle.
    3. Find the length of the chord DC.
    4. Find \angleABC.
    5. Find the length of AC.
    6. If there is a straight line connecting point D and point O, what type of triangle is \triangleBOD?
  3. The furthest the hammer can travel in a hammer throw game is when the hammer travels along a tangent. If a hammer lands 62 m away from the athlete, how far did the hammer travel along a tangent? (Hint: The hammer is 1.2 m in length.)