Circles and circumference

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  1. Terms related to circles
    • Radius
    • Diameter
    • Circumference
    • Central angle
      • minor arc
      • major arc
    • Inscribed angle
    • Chord
      • perpendicular bisector
    • Tangent
      • point of tangency
  1. Find the circumferences of the following circles.

    1. Circles, radius, and circumference

    2. what is the circumference of the circle given the radius

    3. Circles, diameter, and circumference
  2. Find the radius (r).

    1. Radius of circles

    2. Circles and radius

    3. Finding the radius of circles given circumference

    4. Circles and circumference
  3. CD\overline {CD} and CE\overline {CE} are radii of circle C.
    Find diameter and circumference of circles
    1. If CD = 15 cm, what is CE?
    2. If DF is the diameter of circle C, find its length.
    3. Find the circumference of circle C.
  4. Find the circumference of the circle.
    Circles and circumference
    1. The wheels of David's bicycle have a radius of 9 inches. How far has David traveled if the wheels have made 120 revolutions?