Solubility and ion concentration

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  1. Updating our knowledge of solubility
  2. Recap on solutions and solubility.
  3. Electrolytes and ionic solutions.
  4. Using molecular formula to predict electrolytes.
  5. Solubility and saturation, using equilibrium.
  6. Calculating solubility: example.
  1. Calculate the solubility of substances given mass and volume of solvent.
    Some students tested the solubility of different substances by dissolving increasing amounts of them in water until the solutions became saturated. Some results of theirs are below:

    Chemical A: 54g was dissolved in 700 mL water.
    Chemical B: 3g was dissolved in 1 L water.
    Chemical C: 58g was dissolved in 750 mL water.

    1. Which of the salts has the highest solubility?
    2. Are these chemicals likely to be electrolytes or non-electrolytes? Explain your reasoning.
    3. Chemical B has a molar mass of 86 grams per mole. What is its molar solubility?