Intermolecular forces

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  1. Intermolecular forces
  2. Definition of 'intermolecular force'
  3. Where intermolecular forces come from.
  4. Van der Waals: permanent dipole-dipole interactions.
  5. Van der Waals: London dispersion forces.
  6. Hydrogen bonding.
  7. Water and hydrogen bonding.
  8. Solubility and intermolecular forces.
  9. What influence do intermolecular forces have?
  1. Identify the intermolecular forces present in molecules.
    Look at the formula of the chemical substances listed below. Which type of intermolecular forces would you expect to see between the molecules?
    1. i) CH4_4
      ii) H2_2 O
    2. i) Br2_2
      ii) HBr
  2. Recall the order of intermolecular force strength
    Look at each group of chemical substances below. Order them in how relatively strong their intermolecular forces are. Hint: Identify the intermolecular forces present first.
    1. F2_2 , I2_2 , Br2_2 , Cl2_2
    2. HCl, HF, HBr, HI
    3. NH3_3 , H2_2 O, CH4_4