Introduction to acid-base theory

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  1. What are acids and bases?
  2. Arrhenius theory.
  3. Lewis and Brønsted-Lowry acids and bases.
  4. What happens to H+ ions?
  5. What is a basic solution?
  6. Measuring pH using H3O+ ions.
  1. Recall how pH is measured in solutions.
    1. A solution has an H3O+ concentration of 0.07 mol dm-3. What is its pH?
    2. What is the pH of the solution if the concentration is doubled?
    3. How many times more acidic is a solution at pH 2 than a solution at pH 5?
    1. Understand water's properties to act as an acid and a base.
      Water (H2O) is an amphiprotic molecule.
      1. Explain what this means in terms of acids and bases.
      2. Write two chemical equations to show this property.