Conjugate acids and bases

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  1. What is a conjugate pair?
  2. Brønsted bases becoming Brønsted acids.
  3. Identifying conjugate acids and conjugate bases.
  4. Conjugate acid/base equations.
  1. Identify groups of conjugate pairs and understand the conjugate acid/base relationship.
    Identify three conjugate pairs in the list of compounds below.
    1. OH-, HCl, HSO4-, Cl2, NO3- H2O, H2PO4-, Cl-, NH4+, H2SO4.
    2. If OH- is a stronger base than Cl-, what does this tell us about their conjugate acids?
  2. Write simple acid-base equilibria using conjugate pairs.
    Write the reaction equation for the following two conjugate pairs. Identify the conjugate acid and base on both sides of the equation:
    1. HCl/Cl- with NH4+/NH3
    2. H3PO4/H2PO4- with H2O/OH-