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Alternating series test - Sequence and series

Alternating series test


An Alternating series is in the form:
Where bn0b^n \geq0 An alternating series is not limited to these two forms because the exponent on the (-1) can vary.
The Alternating Series Test states that if the two following conditions are met, then the alternating series is convergent:

1. lim\limn →\infty bn=0b_n=0
2. The sequence bnb_n is a decreasing sequence.

For the second condition, bnb_n does not have to be strictly decreasing for all n1n\geq 1. As long as the sequence is decreasing for nn\infty, then that will be sufficient enough.
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    Convergence of the Alternating Series Test
    Show that the following series converge:
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Alternating series test

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