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We got you covered with our complete help for Grade 6 math, whether it’s for EQAO grade 6 math (Ontario), grade 6 math PAT (Alberta), grade 6 math Provincial Assessment (Newfoundland) or EMA (PEI).

Aligned with your class or textbook, you will get grade 6 math help on topics like Algebra, Solving equations, Inequalities, Decimals, Fractions, Probability, Percentages, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our video tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest grade 6 math problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of grade 6 math practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Grade 6 math teachers. Let’s finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final

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Common Questions
My class is using Nelson Math Grade 6. Can I use your site?

Most definitely! We cover all the topics you’ll find in your textbook. For those who use Math Makes Sense grade 6 – don’t worry, we have math help on everything in your textbook too.

How do I get my kids ready for the grade 6 math test with StudyPug?

First of all, you can try to identify the topics which your kids need help on. Test your kids with the math grade 6 math questions available in our site would be a good start. Once you know where your kids should put more effort on, you may ask your kids to watch our video lessons on those topics, and then test them again. Your kids should be ready for the math quizzes or tests in no time!

What class should I take after Grade 6 math?

After mastering Grade 6 math, your follow up course should be either Grade 7 math or Pre-Algebra.

Customer Reviews
4.7 stars based on 7 total reviews
Marcus Perry

Though I’m only in grade 5, I’m able to do grade 6 math because of StudyPug! I really love using this site.

Evy Bruno

What I like most about StudyPug is that it’s like having a teacher at home with my son when he’s working on his grade 6 math worksheets after dinner. I can’t explain the concepts to him as clearly as the online videos, nor am I sure my answers are correct. It’s also a great companion to my son’s grade 6 math textbook. I really endorse what StudyPug offers kids, and recommended it to a few of the parents at my son’s school.

Charles B.

I sometimes can’t follow my teacher in class, and they also can’t always repeat what they teach in class. I like being able to play back videos at home on StudyPug and I use it like a tutor to help me with grade 6 math. It’s very useful!

Ed Garnett

I’m really glad StudyPug exists. It’s bringing my sister’s confidence in math back, and it also lets me free up some of my time to concentrate on school. My parents asked that I help tutor my sister out for her grade 6 math test, and I did my best. She did alright, but I started to see my own college grades suffer. I’d much rather leave the teaching to the professionals, and I’ve watched a few of the grade 6 math tutorial videos on StudyPug with my sister. They’re really wonderful.

Ronnie DeVos

A great tool to use as a companion for the grade 6 math textbook that I teach from. Helps to visually demonstrate problems, and a good place to draw extra example question from.

Lawrence Kent

My son previously had issues with another online tutoring system since the videos were very long and we would keep losing track as to where we were in the course. We switched to StudyPug when he entered grade 6 math. The StudyPug tutors keep the lessons short and concise, and allows you to jump specifically from question to question. The tutorial videos are well organized as well. It has been a great help in preparing him for his grade 6 math test and he started off his year with an A!

Bruce Avary

A fellow colleague told me about StudyPug as a grade 6 math tutor and how it can be a guide for simpler ways to introduce concepts to kids. Since I teach grade 6 math, I’m always looking for ways to make learning easier and to not discourage kids from math at an early age. Impressed with what StudyPug has to offer.

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Testimonial: Logan Ruiz
Logan Ruiz
Grade 12 math student, Kelowna, BC
Things are so different in pre-calculus 12. Courses get much harder all of a sudden specially Math. Good that I found you - otherwise, I would have failed my Math for sure! I really wish I found you guys earlier.
Testimonial: Mike Gagnon
Mike Gagnon
Grade 9 math student, Mississauga, ON
Thanks StudyPug. I wish I knew about you earlier, like 3 years ago!
Testimonial: Owen Harris
Owen Harris
Grade 10 pre-calculus student, Centennial Secondary, Coquitlam, BC
Dennis taught me personally in his classes. I love his teaching style. He took these classes before himself. So he knows where I am struggling, and will struggle! He always teaches ahead so when I understand tomorrow's math class.
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