Path counting problems

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  1. Pathway Problem Explained:
    Path counting problems
  1. Moving only the right or down, how many different paths exist to get from point A to point B?

    1. Path counting problems

    2. Count how many path from point a to point b

    3. Path counting from point a to b
    4. must go through "C"
      how many path to go from point a to b through point c
  2. Irregular Puzzle

    1. Counting how many paths to go from point a to point b in an irregular puzzle

    2. Path counting problems of irregular puzzles

    3. Path counting problems on irregular puzzles

    4. Path counting problems
  3. Below is an 8 × 8 checkerboard. The game pieces are only allowed to move diagonally and forward on the dark squares. How many possible ways are there for the checker to reach the opposite side of the game board, if:
    1. the checker is placed as follows?
      checkerboard path counting questions
    2. the checker cannot jump over X?
      How many paths a checker can move to the designated place on a checkerboard
    3. the checker can jump over X?
      Path counting problems related to checkerboard