Probability of independent events - Probability

Probability of independent events

Similar to the section about organizing outcomes, in this section we practice determining the outcomes of two independent events along with organizing these outcomes using tables and tree diagrams. In this section, we are also going to learn how to determine the number of possible outcomes in two independent events. In addition to finding the number of possible outcomes, in this section we practice finding the number of favorable outcomes in two independent events. Finally, in this section we use tables and tree diagrams to solve probability problems.


  • 1.
    Sam is hunting a treasure. He is equally likely to travel along any pathway. His trip ends at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.
    Probability of independent events
  • 2.
    Claire rolls two 6-sided dice.
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    Anna has 18 clothes in her closet. She has 6 shirts, 5 tees, 4 tanks and 3 sweaters. If she is taking 1 top from the closet randomly, what is the probability that:
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Probability of independent events

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