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  1. 1Square roots and cubic roots
    1. 1.1Prime factorization
    2. 1.2Square and square roots
    3. 1.3Estimating square roots
    4. 1.4Cubic and cubic roots
  2. 2Pythagorean Theorem
    1. 2.1Pythagorean theorem
    2. 2.2Using the pythagorean relationship
    3. 2.3Applications of pythagorean theorem
  3. 3Percents
    1. 3.1Representing percents
    2. 3.2Percents, fractions, and decimals
    3. 3.3Percent of a number
    4. 3.4Adding and multiplying percents
    5. 3.5Taxes, discounts, tips and more
    6. 3.6Simple interest
  4. 4Fractions
    1. 4.1Multiplying fractions and whole numbers
    2. 4.2Dividing fractions with whole numbers
    3. 4.3Multiplying proper fractions
    4. 4.4Multiplying improper fractions and mixed fractions
    5. 4.5Dividing fractions and mixed numbers
    6. 4.6Application of fraction operations
  5. 5Cartesian Planes & Linear Relations
    1. 5.1Cartesian plane
    2. 5.2Draw on coordinate planes
    3. 5.3Understanding graphs of linear relationships
    4. 5.4Understanding tables of values of linear relationships
    5. 5.5Application of linear relationships
  6. 6Linear Equations
    1. 6.1Model and solve one-step linear equations ax =b , x/a = b
    2. 6.2Solving two-step linear equations using addition and subtraction: ax+b=c
    3. 6.3Solving two-step linear equations using multiplication and division x/a+b=c
    4. 6.4Solving two-step linear equations using distributive property: a(x+b)=c
  7. 7Surface Area
    1. 7.1Introduction to surface area of 3-dimensional shapes
    2. 7.2nets of 3-dimensional shapes
    3. 7.3Surface area of prisms
    4. 7.4Surface area of cylinders
  8. 8Volume
    1. 8.1Introduction to volume
    2. 8.2Volume of prisms
    3. 8.3Volume of cylinders
    4. 8.4Word problems relating volume of prisms and cylinders
  9. 9Central Tendency
    1. 9.1Median and Mode
    2. 9.2Mean
  10. 10Probability
    1. 10.1Determining probabilities using tree diagrams and tables
    2. 10.2Probability of independent events
    3. 10.3Probability of Venn diagrams

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