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Mark Zuckerberg recently said that without a focus on personalized learning and targeting underserved areas, education cannot truly thrive.
To the best of your ability, complete a 500 – 1000 word article discussing how online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning. Why and how will it change the way students learn? Who will benefit the most and why?

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Education extends well beyond the confines of a classroom. Learning is a mindset. It is a person’s decision to embrace the fact that there will always be more to discover. With endless possibilities, online learning promotes an individual’s pursuit of

The rapid technological advancements and growth of the digital world in the past few decades has drastically affected the way in which students interact and process information. Current students now quite literally have the scope of the world at their

Within the education system online learning seems to have increased its presence mightily. Even a few years ago only a few courses or subjects existed in an online form. Now, entire degrees become achievable without setting foot on a college

The world around us is diving deeper and deeper into the technological world. Cars that can drive themselves, virtual realities and even robots are becoming realities, yet our education system is still evolving, trying to keep up with the pace.

Online education has provided many students with access to a more convenient and affordable means of study. Many people who want to attain degrees, but simply do not have the time to sit in a classroom, can now study in

Online education is going to produce a fundamental change in the way we see education, as well as how we participate in learning. It expands in reach daily, providing access to education to anyone that can connect to the internet.

The development of the internet has resulted in a lot of changes to everyday life. The effects vary from beneficial to harmful. One beneficial outcome of the internet is how it changed the traditional educational model of learning. Before, the

Education is a very important aspect of an individual’s life. People that are able to obtain an education are able to improve their lives and the lives of all those around them. Although education is so important, there are many

Technology has undoubtedly, simplified various aspects of human life. One of such areas where the impact of technology can be felt is education. Thanks to technology, people do not have to be physically present in classrooms to obtain an education.

Technology is all around us, without it who knows how we would be living our lives now. Technology makes things easier for us to complete certain tasks. But however technology isn’t always that great. Online learning is taking away the

he availability of online education has been growing larger for years. There are now online options for high school to enable any student to go through high school online, and almost all colleges now have online universities and online classes.

Technology use has been greatly debated amongst schools, whether schools should make the switch from out of date textbooks to new technology in the classrooms. While making the switch to using technology sure comes with many positive effects, such as

The world is altering and changing around us in many different forms and deviations. These changes are applied throughout work areas, homes, and other various aspects of everyday life. Recently, in most school systems, the idea of online programs have

The internet and digital technology has already changed the face of learning. My teachers already use online content to supplement their own learning plans, use online tools to check written essays for plagiarism or to auto-grade scantron tests, and online

Education today has more options for learning than ever before, between public, private, charter, home, and online education, the possibilities are endless. But what happens when students are removed from the classroom to an online school? They lose the guidance

I remember the “agonizing” days of middle school – irrelevant drama, brightly colored hair, egos too big for our bodies, and the lack of a drive to get up at seven in the morning to attend school. For some, they

A boy in ancient Egypt is hit over the head to jog his memory during a lesson. “Thou didst beat me and knowledge entered my head.” he writes on a wooden tablet. Teaching methods have since changed of course, and

Online learning is an extremely beneficial innovation that is expanding education to millions of people. From being homeschooled online to taking college level courses online, anyone can take online classes at almost any stage in their life. Online learning is