Morgan Dean – Ways to Better Educate

The world around us is diving deeper and deeper into the technological world. Cars that can drive themselves, virtual realities and even robots are becoming realities, yet our education system is still evolving, trying to keep up with the pace. For many years, we have looked into ways to better educate people but have remained in the traditional method of face-to-face learning. In recent years, the easily accessible internet has allowed education a new platform to stand on. It has provided a way for teachers to teach students in a more relaxed and stress free setting, their own home. Students are able to see the material on a screen and learn in a way that they can control, essentially teaching themselves. Online learning empowers students, provides access to global learning, has a decreased cost and gives the students the reigns on their own learning. Although a variety of students would benefit from this form of learning, those who would do better outside of the classroom would benefit the most, be it due to cost constraints or just preference.

Online classes allow students to learn at their own pace, empowers student interaction and allows a massive amounts of students to enroll in the course. A big change from traditional education is the intimidation factor. Students no longer have to sit in a classroom with strangers, but can instead feel comfortable with their own learning. People have been communicating more and more through online platforms, as seen with texts and social network. Recent generations are more likely to talk through a screen than in person. Online classrooms can take advantage of this by spurring students to interact together to form new ideas and give feedback to classmates. Internet based learning can more easily form communities of individuals who are not afraid to share their opinions or to be put on the spot.

Online learning doesn’t have to stop at a learning module format either. The internet is full of knowledge on every topic. Teachers are able to pull from the vast source to give students even more to think about and learn. Videos, songs and games can be used to instruct in a way that traditional education cannot provide. It will become a more capable environment for diversifying knowledge. Up to date information can also be incorporated in an easier fashion. Traditional use of a textbook has a limited amount of up to date knowledge. Online learning can easily incorporate recent cancer studies or social experiments that keep students on the front edge of innovation.

A huge advantage online learning has over traditional learning is its accessibility. It can reach people who would not have access to education otherwise for many different reasons. One is distance. Living far away from a college campus can make it incredibly difficult to make the trip to school. Although they could go live closer to campus that brings up another issue: cost. The costs associated with going to college continue to increase. Not only has the price of books and closer housing increased, but tuition itself has seen a steady, perpetual rise in the last few decades. This makes it a very daunting task to try and raise the money to go to school. Online education takes care of most of those concerns. It makes it easy to take classes from wherever you are and at a much more affordable price. For colleges that are mainly online, they have less costs than a brick and mortar school meaning that classes are cheaper for the students.

Lastly and most importantly, online learning provides students a way to learn that they are in control of. They can take things at their own pace, be it slower or faster. Students can also access their classes from anywhere, so long as they have access to internet. This constant availability allows them to study and learn where they are most comfortable and most productive. It is a much more flexible format, one that is not restricted by a schedule or that limits students who work and have a family. It is exceptionally convenient for those who have a much more difficult schedule.

Online learning helps many students to learn in a way that caters to their needs. Students are better able to learn in a way they are comfortable with and one that will cost them much less. They can continue to pursue their education even in career where they would not be able to go to a brick and mortar school. Although some students will still prefer being in an actually classroom with a teacher right there, online learning has many practical benefits for those who can’t be in a class or prefer not to. Online education will revolutionize the way that we are able to learn and who has access to this knowledge. Hopefully in years to come, it will become a more accepted practice and provide more educated individuals to our growing society.

Morgan Dean - Ways to Better Educate