Amanda N Spartz – More Options for Learning

Education today has more options for learning than ever before, between public, private, charter, home, and online education, the possibilities are endless. But what happens when students are removed from the classroom to an online school? They lose the guidance of an educator, an irreplaceable piece in the learning process. While other Industries like manufacturing can increase potential with the aid of machines and computers, education cannot. In a world rapidly shifting from people to computers, nothing can replace the qualities of a good teacher.

Growing up in a household with two parents as teachers, I understand the importance of having a teacher in the classroom. A teacher's job is to not only guide students through content, but through life. Educators must delineate the material in ways so that every student learns. Wendy Knopp writes from CNN that "Computers cannot create a culture of excellence and push students to meet higher expectations," only physical can accomplish such a task. Strong educators do weigh students down with work for fun, they give it to challenge students to elicit their full potential as well as inspire and create a spark. Computers can still be very useful in the classroom as a tool to be utilized when another method of teaching falls short. For example, Trevor Browne High School in the Phoenix Union District coalesces the use of computers in their night school program. Students complete an online course via Edgenuity (an online provider) with the presence and assistance of an in-class teacher to answer needed questions. Other school, especially in poverty stricken areas employ computers to teach students basic language and math skills, while instructors teacher more complex topics.

In-person schooling may not be write for everyone, however neither is all online education. Online schooling requires more time and skills in order to be successful. Students must be ebullient and garner necessary skills all by themselves. When a student is left to their own devices, it is easy to procrastinate. Online courses require more time commitment Sean Chamberlin writes because "to communicate with your instructor and other students, you must type messages, post responses, and otherwise communicate using your fingers." Having to communicate only via messaging makes it difficult to ask questions, an essential part of the learning process, in hopes of receiving a speedy and knowledgeable response. The biggest problem with online education is that the students do not receive important guidance and encouragement to be fervent about studying. If a student does not learn the way a course is taught, a teacher will change their teaching methods, a computer will not. For example, Edgenuity (the provider I took my economics course through) did not give me any additional germane reference materials besides the video lessons provided; I struggled greatly because I did not have the materials I needed to succeed and would not be provided with such. Sean Chamberlin believes that only the student is held accountable for their actions and that they need to elucidate it for themselves.

Education is a essential part of society, where more educated people live better quality lives. Education would be incomplete without the guidance and experience of qualified teachers. Good instructors make all the difference in the world by motivating, inspiring, and instilling the confidence in students to push through challenges and barriers. Without the training from qualified educators, many students would not have the drive or passion to finish school. Other sectors may benefit from computers and machines, bi when it comes o children's and subsequently our society's future, nothing replaces the importance of interpersonal interactions found in the classroom.

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Amanda N Spartz - More Options for Learning