Daniel Gandy – Gaps

Education is a very important aspect of an individual’s life. People that are able to obtain an education are able to improve their lives and the lives of all those around them. Although education is so important, there are many gaps that keep many individuals from obtaining an education. Because of these gaps, there has been some innovation happening in the field of education, which has been providing more ways for people to obtain an education. The more people that we can help to get an education, the more we improve their lives, as well as our own.

First, we have to see what gaps exist between people and their goal of obtaining their education. There are a few gaps that we’ll look at in this article. One gap that makes it difficult for people to obtain an education is the tight schedules that they have. Another gap that we’ll look at is that gap where people struggle to find and get the transportation that they need to get to school and back. The last gap is the struggle people have with taking notes in classes. There are other gaps that people have between them and their education, but these are the three we’ll talk about.

The world we live in tends to get busier and busier. There are many people that have tight schedules because of the many things that they have to do. There are many that have children at home that they have to take care of, and they struggle to find times that they can go to school and times that someone can watch their kids while they’re at school. Many people are working jobs that don’t have flexible schedules, but they need their job to earn money for living and for school expenses. People have so many other things going on in their lives that makes it hard for them to make time for school, especially when classes are only at certain times on certain days.

There are many people that don’t have any way to get to and from school. They already spend so much money on their education, but they don’t have enough money left over to get gas in their car, or buy bus tickets to get to and from school. Money can be an issue for some people when it comes to not being able to find transportation. There are many that don’t have enough time as well to travel to and from school.

Although many struggle with just getting to school, there are also many that are able to get to school, but they struggle in classes because of not being able to take notes very well. Many people listen to lectures, but sometimes it is a struggle to pay attention to a teacher teaching and take down notes to review the lecture later. Many students need that time to go over notes to refresh their minds on what they learned in class, but if you struggle with taking notes, then there may be many holes in your notes of things that the teacher taught in the lecture.

Although there are these three gaps, and a few others, the online learning is helping to bridge those gaps between people and their education. Online learning helps people that have tight schedules to create times that work for them to work on their online classes. These online courses help with students being able to learn at home, instead of having to worry about the transportation to and from school. They also provide students the opportunity to go over the information that they learn from the lectures online at a speed where they can take better notes for the classes. The online education is helping to bridge those gaps between people and their education.

Daniel Gandy - Gaps