Catherine Ornelas – Important Fundaments

Technology is all around us, without it who knows how we would be living our lives now. Technology makes things easier for us to complete certain tasks. But however technology isn't always that great. Online learning is taking away the important fundamentals of traditional learning such as, having one-one help from teacher, working in groups of students, and motivation.

Learning online wouldn't be helping the students learning, it would actually hurt their education. Learning subjects on the computer is useless because what if the student is struggling with the subject? That student wouldn't be able to ask for help since they are learning online, they would instead have to look at the same videos over and over again and not understand of what they have learned. Learning online wouldn't be helpful because students might struggle of how the online lessons teaches the subjects. The information they learn online won't get embedded in their minds. It's easier for students to cheat online, if the student cheat they wouldn't be learning anything at all. The students would just get in the habitat of having everything being given to them.

Having the students work in group projects would be taken away. There would be lack of communication. Having the student learn on the computer would be hurting their social life since they are just behind a computer screen and not communicating/ leaning with others. Students need to how to communicate with others because that's how they get a career in the real world, by networking. Online learning would change the way students learn about the real world. Only traditional learning can teach students about the real world. In the real world there's a lot more responsibility and expectations since the students would eventually enter adulthood. Online learning would change the students perspectives on adulthood since they wouldn't be prepared to enter it. Students need to work in groups because it helps them learn the importance of team work and online learning would change all of that. Not only would the students lack teamwork but they would lack critical thinking . No one would be benefiting from learning online, probably the only people that would be benefiting are the online organizations that provide online learning programs to students. The more students learn online the more the organizations benefits.

Since with online learning students can learn at their own pace, they'll most likely lack motivation to finish the course. For example, in traditional learning students have competition and they visually see who's doing well in school. Students that learn online wouldn't manage to try their best since they wouldn't have someone to compare themselves to. Online learning would just make students careless about their education., students wouldn't manage to try their best. Online learning would change the environment the students are learning in since they have no competition. They would basically have nothing to worry about and would therefore carelessly complete the online course. Competition would motivate the students to learn and would make them realize how important it is to continue their education.

As technology grows it makes it easier for students to cheat and look up answers online. Online learning is hurting the traditional learning system and causing so much change with the students education in a negative way. Online learning does not prepare students for their future and it surely does not benefit students, it would only jeopardize the students future towards success and life.

Catherine Ornelas - Important Fundaments