Operations with radicals - Radicals

Operations with radicals


\cdot even root: evenpositive=defined{^{even}}\sqrt{positive}=defined
i.e. 64=8\sqrt{64}=8
i.e. 64=undefined\sqrt{-64}=undefined

\cdot odd root: oddpositiveornegative=defined{^{odd}}\sqrt{positive\;or\;negative}=defined
i.e. 364=4{^3}\sqrt{64}=4
i.e. 364=4{^3}\sqrt{-64}=-4
  • 1.
    Evaluating Radicals Algebraically
    Without using a calculator, evaluate:
  • 2.
    Evaluating Radicals Using a Calculator
    Use a calculator to determine:
  • 4.
    Determine whether the following statements are true or false.
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Operations with radicals

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