Adding and subtracting complex numbers

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  1. Adding complex numbers
    1. (3+4i)+(9+3i) (3+4i)+(9+3i)
    2. (123i)+(2+2i)+(5i+1) (\frac{1}{2}-3i)+(-2+2i)+(5i+1)
    3. (65i)+(4+7i)+(4i2) (6-5i)+(-4+7i)+(4i-2)
  2. Subtracting complex numbers
    1. (7+9i)(5+i) (7+9i)-(5+i)
    2. (13i)(16+2i)(13i) (1-3i)-(\frac{1}{6}+2i)-(\frac{1}{3}-i)
    3. (1012i)(410i)+2i (10-12i)-(-4-10i)+2i
  3. Adding/subtracting complex numbers graphically
    (2+2i)+(3+i) (2+2i)+(3+i)
    Topic Notes
    Much like any other types of numbers (i.e. whole numbers, real numbers, natural numbers ...etc.), we can apply different types of operations on complex numbers. In this section, we will learn how to perform addition and subtraction on complex numbers.