Circle graphs - Graphing Data

Circle graphs

In this section, we are asked to interpret and create circle graphs. When interpreting the graphs, we are asked to determine the number of people represented by given percentages in our graphs. Also, we are asked to interpret tables of data and fill in these tables by converting between fractions, percentages and decimal numbers. Finally, we are asked to draw circle graphs to display data given in these tables.


  • Intro Lesson
  • 1.
    The circle graph shows the types of activities that 200 students participated in during the school year.
    Circle graphs
  • 2.
    Compare the data in these two circle graphs.
    Circle charts Pie charts
  • 3.
    30 grade 7 students were surveyed to determine their favorite type of pop.
  • 4.
    Could you use a circle graph to represent the following? Explain.
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Circle graphs

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