Applications of linear equations

Applications of linear equations

We always encounter situations that can be expressed in linear equations. Watch this lesson and learn how to solve linear equations word problems.


  • 1.
    Find the equation of a line parallel to 3x + 5y = 9 with the same y-int as 4x -5y = 12

  • 2.
    Find the equation of a line perpendicular to 3x + 4y = 12 with the same x-int as 2x - 6y = 0

  • 3.
    Lines A & B are perpendicular and have the same x-int. The equation of line A is x + 2y - 4 = 0. Determine the y-int of line B.

  • 4.
    Alex bought 144 bagels for $80. His profit was $75 once he had sold 100 bagels. Find the equation that represents Alex's profit P as a function of the number sold, n?

  • 5.
    A super computer still has the value of $80,000 after two years, and $50,000 after four years. Determine the purchase price of the super computers

  • 6.
    A house was purchased for $500,000. The owner expects the house to double in value in the next 12 years. Find the appreciation equation.

  • 7.
    The total cost of a car is the sum of the selling price, plus a sales tax of 5%, plus a $100 environmental fee.
    Express the total cost of the car as a linear function of the selling price.
    What is the total cost of a car that sells for $56,000?
    What is the selling price of a car whose total cost was $72,000?