Applications of polynomials

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  1. Find the area of the shaded region.

    1. Applications of polynomials. Find area of rectangles.

    2. Applications of polynomials. Find shaded area of circle

    3. using polynomials to calculate shaded area
  2. Find the area of the following geometric figures

    1. Find area of triangles using polynomials given

    2. Find the area of circle given polynomials
  3. The area of a rectangle is (a3+2a2+3a+6)(a^3+2a^2+3a+6) cm2^2
    1. Determine the height of the rectangle.
    2. Solve for x x and the dimension of the right triangle

      Applications of polynomials. Find the area of triangles
Topic Notes
In this session, we will apply the knowledge of polynomials learned from previous sessions to solve questions related to geometric shapes. Therefore, before we start, it's a good idea to refresh your memory on polynomial operations we have talked about in the lessons before.