Percents, fractions, and decimals

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  1. How to convert between fractions and decimals?
    • what is a fraction?
    • convert fractions to decimals
    • convert decimals to fractions
  2. How to convert percents, fractions, and decimals?
    • percents to fractions to decimals
    • decimals to fractions to percents
    • fractions to percents to decimals
  1. Complete the table below.




    a) 145%

    b) 54.8%

    c) 3253\frac{2}{5}%

    d) 0.55%

    1. Convert 145% into fraction and decimal
    2. Convert 54.8% into fraction and decimal
    3. Convert 3253\frac{2}{5}% into fraction and decimal
    4. Convert 0.55% into fraction and decimal
  2. Convert each fraction to a decimal and a percent
    1. 125\frac{1}{25}
    2. 61200\frac{61}{200}
    3. 54\frac{5}{4}
  3. Convert each decimal to percents and fractions
    1. 0.8
    2. 0.014
    3. 2.32
  4. Leo only used 42 minutes to finish a one-hour test. What percentage of the test time did he use to finish the test?
    1. A miner acquired 513\frac{1}{3} gram of silver in a 200-gram sample of ore.
      1. What percent of the sample is silver to the nearest hundredth of a percent?
      2. What is the percent as a repeating decimal and as a fraction in lowest terms?