Dividing fractions and mixed numbers

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  1. Simplify fractions: Method A - By using greatest common factors
  2. Simplify fractions: Method B - By using common factors
  3. How to divide fractions with fractions?
  4. How to do cross-cancelling?
  5. How to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions?
  6. Review: How to divide fractions and mixed numbers?
  1. Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers Using Diagrams
    Find each of the following quotients by using diagrams.
    1. 56รท34\frac{5}{6} \div \frac{3}{4}
    2. 213รท182\frac{1}{3} \div \frac{1}{8}
    3. 75รท12\frac{7}{5} \div \frac{1}{2}
  2. Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers Algebraically
    Find each quotient by using multiplication.
    1. 58รท14\frac{5}{8} \div \frac{1}{4}
    2. 2รท352 \div \frac{3}{5}
    3. 327รท19103\frac{2}{7} \div 1\frac{9}{{10}}
  3. Word Problems: Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    Three cups of water can fill up 23\frac{2}{3} of a kettle. How many cups of water are required to fill up 5 kettles?