Rate of change

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  1. Draw a graph to describe the fare charged by a taxi with an initial cost of $10.50 plus $2.50 per km traveled.
    1. Draw a graph to describe the income of a insurance sales person who earns $800 per month plus $400 for every car sold.
      1. A long distance runner passes the 36 km mark of a race in 1 hr 40 mins, and passes the 44 km mark 1 hr 10 mins later. If the rate is constant, find the speed of the long distance runner in km/hr.
        1. Cathy hires a super band to play at a wedding. The cost for the wedding was $1000 for the band, plus $50 per guest for food and $3 per guest for beverages. Determine the cost per person if 150 guests attended the wedding, and averaged three drinks per person.
          Topic Notes
          Rate of change is all around us. For example, we express the speed of a car as Kilometer per hour (km/hr), the wage in a fast food restaurant as dollar per hour, and taxi fare as dollar per meter or kilometer. Let's solve some word problems on rate of change.
          Rate of change = △y△x=y2−y1x2−x1 {{{\bigtriangleup y} \over {\bigtriangleup x} } = { {y_2 -y_1} \over {x_2 -x_1}}}
          Examples: km/hr, miles per gallon, m/s, dollars/hr, etc.