Bearings and direction word problems - Bearings

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Bearings and direction word problems



Theorems that are useful:

Pythagorean Theorem: a2+b2=c2a^{2} + b^{2} = c^{2}

Trig ratio: sinθ=OH\sin \theta = \frac{O}{H}

cosθ=AH\cos \theta = \frac{A}{H}

tanθ=OA\tan \theta = \frac{O}{A}

Law of sine: asinA=bsinB=csinC\frac{a}{\sin A} = \frac{b}{\sin B} = \frac{c}{\sin C}

Law of cosine: c2=a2+b22abcosCc^{2} = a^{2} + b^{2} - 2ab \cos C

  • 1.
    Evaluate A Bearings Word Problem Using Trigonometric Ratios

    Charlie leaves home for a bike ride, heading 040°T for 5km.

  • 4.
    Triangulate the Location of an Earthquake

    Radar X detected an earthquake N55°E of it. 16km due east of Radar X, Radar Y detected the same earthquake N14°W of it.

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Bearings and direction word problems

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