Rotational Vs. translational kinematics

  1. Rotational Motion
  2. Translational-Rotational Analogues
  3. Tangential Acceleration Vs. Centripetal Acceleration
  4. Rotational Kinematics Equations
  5. Rolling Without Slipping
  1. A centrifuge starts from rest and has an angular acceleration of 150 rad/s2 for 2.5s.
    1. Find the rotational displacement and number of revolutions per minute.
    2. What is the final angular velocity after 2.5s?
  2. A car engine slows down from 4200rpm to 600rpm in 2.0s.
    1. Calculate the angular acceleration.
    2. Find the total number of revolution the car makes is this time.
  3. A high-speed jet takes 1.5 min to turn through 20 complete revolutions before reaching its final speed.
    1. What is the angular acceleration?
    2. What was the final angular speed in rpm?
  4. To move a large pottery wheel with a radius of 22.0cm, a small rubber wheel is used. Wheels are mounted and their circular edges are in contact. The radius of the small wheel is 3.0cm and it accelerates at the rate of 6.4 rad/s2 without slipping.
    1. Calculate the angular acceleration of the pottery wheel.
    2. How much time does it take for the pottery wheel to reach a speed of 62 rmp?
  5. A car reduces its speed uniformly from 86km/h to 44 km/h, during this time the wheels of the car with a diameter of 0.60m, make 66 revolutions.
    1. Find the angular acceleration of the wheels.
    2. If the car continues to decelerate, how many more revolutions are required to stop the car?