Triangles congruent by ASA and AAS proofs

    1. Similar tirangles VS. Congruent triangles
    2. Ways to prove congruency:
      • SSS
      • SAS
      • ASA
      • AAS
  1. What is the third congruence that is needed to prove that ABC\triangle ABC\congDEF\triangle DEF using the given postulate or theorem?
    Triangles congruent by ASA and AAS proofs
    1. AB\overline {AB}\congDE\overline {DE} and C\angle C\congF\angle F
      Prove by AAS.
    2. AC\overline {AC}\congDF\overline {DF} and A\angle A\congD\angle D
      Prove by ASA.
    3. A\angle A\congD\angle D and B\angle B\congE\angle E
      Prove by AAS.
  2. Decide if the following triangles are congruent. Show your reasoning.
    1. ABC\triangle ABC, CBD\triangle CBD
      Proving triangles congruent by Angle Side Angle and Angle Angle Side proofs
    2. XYZ\triangle XYZ, XWZ\triangle XWZ
      ASA and AAS proofs of congruence of triangles