Classifying triangles

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  1. Naming types of triangles based on their properties
    1. By angles
      • Acute
      • Right
      • Obtuse
    2. By sides
      • Scalene
      • Isosceles
      • Equilateral
  1. Classify the triangle by its sides and angles.

    1. Classifying triangles: right triangle

    2. Classifying triangles: equilateral triangle

    3. Classifying triangles: isosceles triangle

    4. Classifying triangles: scalene triangle
  2. Draw and classify the triangle by its vertices. Then, determine if it is a right triangle.
    1. A(3, 6), B(3, 1), C(9, 1)
    2. A(2, 4), B(5, 10), C(5, -2)
    3. A(8, 7), B(11, 3), C(4, 2)
  3. Find x. Then, classify the triangle by its angles.

    1. Finding the missing angle, and then classifying the triangle

    2. finding the missing angle and then classify the triangle by using the angles

    3. Solving for the unknown, and classifying triangles
  4. One angle of a triangular chocolate box is 20°. The measure of the second angle is 3 times smaller than the third one. Find the measures of the two unknown angles.