Types of chemical reactions

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  1. Spotting chemical patterns
  2. Why and how we categorize reactions.
  3. Reaction type: Neutralisation.
  4. Reaction type: Combustion
  5. Reaction type: Decomposition.
  6. Reaction type: Displacement
  7. Reaction type: Metathesis.
  1. Recall the main types of chemical reactions and how to identify them.
    Four reactions are shown below:
    Reaction 1: C5_5H12  (l)+_{12\;(l)} + 8 O2  (g)_{2\;(g)} →5 CO2  (g)+_{2 \;(g)} + 6 H2_2O  (g)_{\;(g)}
    Reaction 2: ZnSO4  (aq)+_{4\;(aq)} + Mg  (s)_{\;(s)} →MgSO4  (aq)+_{4\;(aq)} + Zn  (s)_{\;(s)}
    Reaction 3: CaCO3  (s)_{3\;(s)} →CaO  (s)+_{\;(s)} + CO2  (g)_{2\;(g)}
    Reaction 4: AgNO3  (aq)+_{3\;(aq)} + NaCl  (aq)_{\;(aq)} →AgCl  (s)+_{\;(s)} + NaNO3  (aq)_{3\;(aq)}
    1. Which of the reactions is a metathesis reaction? Explain how you know.
    2. Which of the reactions is a displacement reaction? Explain how you know.
    3. Which of the reactions is a decomposition reaction? Explain how you know.
  2. Balance equations and identify the type of reaction taking place.
    Balance and categorise the following equations:
    1. H2_2SO4+_4 + NaOH→Na2_2SO4+_4 + H2_2O
    2. Ca(NO3_3)2_2 →CaO+ + NO2+_2 + O2_2
    3. Cl2+_2 + NaBr→NaCl+ + Br2_2
  3. Apply knowledge of reaction types to predict products, balance equations and categorise the reaction.
    Complete and balance the reaction equations, then categorise them.
    1. BaCl2+_2 + Na2_2SO4_4
    2. NO2_2
    3. C6_6H14+_{14}+O2_2
    4. Ba(OH)2+_2 + H2_2SO4_4