Boltzmann distribution

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  1. The Boltzmann kinetic energy distribution
  2. Introduction to the Boltzmann distribution.
  3. Changes in the Boltzmann distribution.
  4. Explaining curve changes in the Boltzmann distribution.
  1. Recall the shape and features of the Boltzmann distribution.
    1. Sketch the Boltzmann distribution for a reaction proceeding slowly at room temperature. Include the axis titles and the labels Ea and average energy of molecules.
    2. The reaction vessel has its temperature raised by 10°C. On the same axes, sketch another Boltzmann curve showing the new distribution of the kinetic energy possessed by the reactant molecules.
    3. A catalyst is added to change the rate of reaction. Sketch the change this catalyst has on the reaction onto your Boltzmann distribution and explain the effect on the rate of reaction.