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Taylor and maclaurin series - Sequence and series

Taylor and maclaurin series


Note * We can represent a function f(x)f(x) about x=ax=a as a Taylor Series. A Taylor Series is in the form


where f(n)(a)f^{(n)}(a) is the nn'th derivative at x=ax=a. If a=0a=0, then we call it a Maclaurin Series. A Maclaurin Series is in the form:


Here are some formulas that may be of use:



  • 1.
    Maclaurin Series
    Find the Taylor or Maclaurin Series of the following functions without using the formulas:
  • 2.
    Using the Formula to Find the Maclaurin Series
    Use the formulas to find the Maclaurin Series for the following functions:
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Taylor and maclaurin series

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