Higher order derivatives - Derivatives

Higher order derivatives


If f(x)f'(x) is the derivative of f(x)f(x), then we say that f"(x)f"(x) is the 2nd2^{nd} derivative of f(x)f(x). Similarly, f(n)(x)f^{(n)}(x) is the nthn'th derivative of f(x)f(x).
  • 1.
    1st1^{st} and 2nd2^{nd} derivatives.
    Find the first and second derivative for the following functions:
  • 2.
    2nd2^{nd} derivatives with implicit differentation
    Find y"y" by implicit differentiation for the following functions:
  • 3.
    Derivatives with repeating patterns
    Find f(100)(x)f^{(100)}(x) for the following functions:
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Higher order derivatives

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