Application of integer operations

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  1. Introduction to applications of integer operations
  1. The melting point of dry ice is -109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiling point of dry ice is - 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. How many degrees is the boiling point above the melting point?
    1. The lowest point in Africa is Lake Assal, located at 156 meters below sea level. The lowest point in North America is Death Valley, located at 86 meters below sea level. Calculate the difference in depth between Lake Assal and Death Valley.
      1. A rocket countdown is at -11 s. In how many seconds will the rocket be 22 seconds into the flight?
        1. At a particular school, there are 138 students in grade 10, 126 students in grade 11 and 92 students in grade 12. If all senior students are sent to the hall for an assembly, how many students are there in the hall?
          1. An auto mall was opened and it has 154 cars in stock. 38 cars were sold on the first day and 42 cars were sold on the second day. How many cars were left in stock after the first two days?
            1. Thomas was planning for a house party. He had 24 cans of coke at home, and he bought another 38 cans of root beer from the supermarket. Later on, he returned 17 cans of root beer. How many cans of pop did he have for the party?
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              Topic Notes
              In this section, we will apply our knowledge of integer addition and subtraction to solve word problems. We perform integer operations in our daily lives, whether we are calculating how much money we spent at the store or figuring out how many minutes we have left before our bus arrives. Negative integers represent decreasing values or downward movements and positive integers represent increasing values or upward movements. We encounter negative and positive integers all around us. For example, we deal with these integers when talking about temperature, altitude, money and even hockey scores!