Introduction to integer addition

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  1. Write the addition statement that each diagram represents.
    +1: learn integer addition with diagram, chips
    -1: learn integer addition using chip and diagram
    1. writing an addition statement
    2. integer addition using integer chips
    3. Introduction to integer addition
  2. Use integer addition to find the sum for the following situations.
    1. Matt has reviewed 4 chapters yesterday and studied another 3 today.
    2. Wendy had 12 skirts, but she donated 5 of them to a charity.
    3. The temperature of a summer day went up by 9 °C in the afternoon and went down by 4 °C at night.
    4. Aaron spent $11 for lunch and then lost $5 on the bus.
  3. Identify the opposite of each integer.
    1. +2
    2. +10
    3. -6
    4. -5