Introduction to integer addition - Adding and Subtracting Integers

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Introduction to integer addition

As we grow older, we begin to see how things add up in the world. In this section, we will be adding up negative and positive integers using addition statements. We will be asked to write addition statements that match given sets of blue and red circles. These circles will represent positive and negative integers. Also, we will be given word problems and asked to solve the problems using addition statements. Finally, we will be using number lines to determine the opposites of given positive and negative integers.


  • 1.
    Write the addition statement that each diagram represents.
    +1: learn integer addition with diagram, chips
    -1: learn integer addition using chip and diagram
  • 2.
    Use integer addition to find the sum for the following situations.
  • 3.
    Identify the opposite of each integer.
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Introduction to integer addition

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