Introduction to integer subtraction - Adding and Subtracting Integers

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Introduction to integer subtraction

Some of us just want to make a difference in the world. Well, in this section, you will make a difference using mathematics! In this section, we will be subtracting negative and positive integers using subtraction statements. First, we will use diagrams to help us with our subtracting. Then, we will be given integers and asked to find the differences between them. Next, we will be given word problems and asked to solve the problems using subtraction statements. Finally, we will be given subtraction statements and asked to find the missing values in the statements.


  • 1.
    What subtraction statement does each of the following diagrams represent?
    +1:Introduction to integer subtraction
    -1: Introduction to integer subtraction
  • 2.
    Find the two differences between each pair of integers.
  • 3.
    Use integer subtraction to find the difference for the following situations.
  • 4.
    Find the missing values.
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Introduction to integer subtraction

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