Squares and square roots

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    • What is a square root?
    • How to find side lengths of squares using square roots?
    • How to estimate non-perfect squares?
  1. What is a perfect square?
  1. Find the prime factorization. Then, identify the perfect squares.
    1. 53
    2. 71
    3. 196
  2. Find the area of the square that has a side length of:
    1. 15 cm
    2. 21 cm
  3. Calculate.
    1. 16\sqrt {16}
    2. 49\sqrt {49}
    3. 2025\sqrt {2025}

  4. Squares and square roots
    1. Find the area of the rectangle.
    2. What is the side length of a square that has the same area as the rectangle above?
Topic Notes
This lesson focuses on finding the square of a whole number and the square root of a perfect square. In order to do this, we will first learn how to do prime factorization, a method to find the prime factors of a number.