Express linear inequalities graphically and algebraically

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  1. i) What is an inequality?
    ii) How to solve linear inequalities?
    iii) How to graph inequalities on a number line?
  1. Express the following inequalities algebraically.

    1. Express linear inequalities graphically

    2. Express linear inequalities graphically on a number line

    3. Express linear inequalities graphically on a number line
  2. Graph each inequality on a number line.
    1. 3.63.6 > x x
    2. x347x \le - 3\frac{4}{7}
    3. y11y \le 11
    4. 55 < 16 - \frac{1}{6}x
  3. Find the possible values of xx on a number line.
    1. x6x \ge 6 and x11x \le 11
    2. xx > 237 2\frac{3}{7} and x5x \le 5
    3. x3.6x \ge - 3.6 and x0.25x \le 0.25
    4. xx > 7 -7 and x312x \le - 3\frac{1}{2}
  4. A Christmas tree must be 2 feet or taller so that the farmers will cut it down and sell it in the market.
    1. Use a number line to express the situation.
    2. Express the situation in a statement.
Topic Notes
Linear inequalities can be represented both graphically and algebraically. In this lesson, we will learn how to express linear inequalities as an equation and on a number line.