Complex numbers and complex planes

Complex numbers and complex planes

Now that we know the basics of imaginary numbers, let's expand our knowledge and learn about another concept that is closely tied to imaginary numbers – complex numbers, a number that is consisted of a real part, and an imaginary part. In this section, we will learn what makes up a complex number, as well as how to plot on a complex plane.


  • Introduction

  • 1.
    For the following quadratic equations,
    i) find and classify the roots
    ii) plot the roots on the complex plane
    y=x21 y=x^2-1

    y=x2+1 y=x^2+1

    y=x2+2x5 y=-x^2+2x-5

  • 2.
    Given that function f(x)=2x22x+3 f(x)=2x^2-2x+3 , find the roots of the function