Comparing and ordering numbers

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    • What is "Greater than"?
    • What is "Less than"?
  1. Write > or < for each blank____
    1. 32 765___ 32 596
    2. -2.85 _____2.70
    3. -103 ____ -110
    4. 0.87___0.85
  2. The table gives the approximate total areas of 3 of the largest shopping malls in the world. List the malls according to size from largest to smallest. Write > or < in your answer.

    Shopping Mall

    Area (m²)

    West Edmonton Mall

    350 000

    The Dubai Mall

    502 000

    Persian Gulf Complex

    500 000

    1. Write a number between each pair of numbers in the following scenarios:
      1. Mark takes a walk through the woods and comes across an ant hill. He counts 7 659 enter the ant hill. The next day he returns to the same ant hill and counts 8 661 enter the hill.
      2. Steven enjoys training for ultra marathons. Last year he ran 12 578km total and so far this year he has run 16 574km.
      3. Last winter, Anna took a flight from Canada to Africa to visit her sponsor child. She flies an average distance of 13 739 000 meters. The following winter she took a flight from Canada to New Zealand. She flies an average distance of 13 745 000.
    Topic Notes
    Encouraging equality is important in the world; however, sometimes we are faced with inequality in the world of mathematics. In this section, we will use inequalities and the place value system to compare the sizes of numbers. Also, we will use the place value system to find numbers in between given pairs of numbers. When comparing the sizes of numbers, we start by looking at the digits in places with the largest values, according to the place value system. For example, digits in the thousands place are larger than digits in the ones place.