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  1. Introduction to Units of Time:
  2. What are the different units of time?
  3. When to multiply or divide when converting units of time.
  4. How to convert between different units of time.
  1. Common Durations of Time
    Which unit of time should you use to describe the following?
    • Listening to a song?
    • Watching a movie?
    • Typing a question into a website browser?
    1. Converting Units of Time in a Table
      Fill in the table to convert between different units of time.
      1. Minutes and seconds
        Time: Units of Time
      2. Hours and minutes
        Time: Units of Time
      3. Days and hours
        Time: Units of Time
      4. Weeks and days
        Time: Units of Time
    2. Converting Between Different Units of Time
      Fill in the blanks by converting the times
      1. Between seconds, minutes and hours
        5 min = ____s \qquad ____min = 2 h \qquad 1 h = ____s \qquad ____h = 240 min
      2. Between hours, days and weeks
        4 d = ____h \qquad ____wk = 35 d \qquad 1 wk = ____h \qquad ____h = 3 d
      3. Between months, years, decades, centuries and millennia
        2 y = ____mo \qquad __decades = 20 y \qquad 5 centuries =__y \qquad __millennia = 8000 y
    3. Comparing Different Units of Time
      Which amount of time is longer? Show your work; convert times into the same units to compare.
      1. 90 min OR 1 h 40 min
      2. 267 s OR 5 min 4
      3. 126 h OR 4 d 21 h
      4. 28 d OR 3 wk 5 d
      5. 30 mo OR 2 y 5 mo
    Topic Notes

    In this lesson, we will learn:

    • The different units of time: years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
    • The units of time for many years: decades, centuries, millennia
    • How to convert between the different units of time


    • Units of time are intervals of time that measure duration
      • The most common units of time that we see are: years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds

    Time: Units of Time

      • Even longer intervals of time include: decades, centuries, and millennia
    Time: Units of Time

    • When converting between different units of time:
      • Multiply when changing from bigger to smaller time units
      • Divide when changing from smaller to bigger time units
      • Use the conversion list of equivalent times:

    Time: Units of Time

    • Examples:

    Time: Units of Time