Products and quotients: Word problems 

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  1. Word Problems with Multiplication and Division
    1. Lisa's soccer team plays 3 games per week for 52 weeks. How many games in total do they play?
    2. Maria is reading a book for school which has 372 pages. If she has 6 days to read it, how many pages does she need to read each day?
    3. A baker puts 8 cupcakes into each box to sell. If she has 824 cupcakes, how many boxes will she be able to fill?
  2. Mixed Word Problems (Products and Quotients)
    1. A chocolate factory produces 456 chocolates per day, separating them into bags of 12 chocolates each. How many bags are made every week?
    2. Ben is driving to visit his family, a total of 4286 km. He drives 460 km each day for the first 5 days. How far will he have to drive each day for the last 3 days to reach his destination?
    3. Your math teacher assigns homework problems every day. If she assigns 14 problems per school day,
      1. How many problems would you need to do each week (5 days) ?
      2. How many problems would you need to do each day if you did all problems for the week in 2 days?
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