Data collection

Data collection

When you need to conduct a survey in order to collect data, who would you ask for the data? In what situations will you be surveying the whole population or picking a sample? If you are going to pick a sample, you still need to decide the details of sampling. You may choose from, for instance, stratified sampling, convenience sampling and voluntary response sampling.


  • Introduction
    Population VS. Sample
    • What is a population?
    • What is a sample?

    Different types of sample
    • Convenience sample
    • Random sample: 1) stratified sample & 2) systematic sample
    • Voluntary response sample

  • 1.
    Who would you survey in each of the following situation? Identify if you would use the population or a sample. Explain.
    The government wants to know how many hours high school students exercise each week.

    An online department store wants to know how often parents shop online for their children.

    A teacher wants to know if his homeroom students want a year-end party.

    A computer company wants to know how their customers rate their customer service.